Twenty-six Year Old Miracle!

It was a fairly chilly day in the Spring of 1985, but the mid-morning sun made the idea of a drive much more appealing. Mary and I were taking a leisurely drive home from one of the few local Christian book stores we frequented within a reasonable distance from our small duplex-appartment in Grandview, Mo. The miscarriage, only three or so weeks ago last month had been very hard on both of us… much harder than I ever would have imagined, and the most difficult February I can recall – even after almost 25 years later.

Neither of us had been feeling too “chipper” during that spring season, and decided that morning to take a drive to Overland Park to get some of our favorite bread at the “Great Harvest” bread store. After getting our loaf of fresh-baked Honey Wheat bread and our customary bag of whole grain chocolate chip cookies, we started the car to head for home.

Before we were out of the parking lot, one of us happened to notice a sidewalk-sale across the intersection at “The Ark” Christian book store. As low as we were feeling, any activity was a welcome diversion from the now familiar cloud of depression that seemed to linger endlessly.

We browsed around the store for quite a while, maybe 30 minutes or more – mainly to “kill” some time before we would be alone again with our thoughts for the 20 min ride home. As we exited the store, we were briefly scanning all the stuff displayed on the tables and clothes racks outside. We really didn’t have any money to spend at all after the bread store, but I spotted a small calendar with a scripture verse for each day of the month for only 50 cents. I showed it to Mary, and after a moments consideration, she gave me her nod of approval for the purchase, knowing that we really needed to have a yearly calendar – even if it was small.

We made our way to the car and headed home. We weren’t even five minutes in the car before the oppressive feelings started to crowd in, making the car seem somhow even smaller with a tangible thickness to the atmosphere. So quickly, had we become fluent in the unspoken language of grief, neither had to wonder what the other was thinking – or feeling. Driving became somewhat annoying as I began to wipe at the uninvited tears that came suddenly, steadily…simultaneously understanding each others pain and depth of sorrow. I said, “Honey, can you read the verse for that day?”. She responded, “What?”. “The verse for that day.” Mary read the verse for February 17th, “Give thanks for every gift God gives to your house”. After she read it, we both looked at each other and began to weep for joy, as we understood that the Lord was restoring to us the child we had lost. It is the only time in our now 27 years of marriage that the Lord has spoken the same thing to us at the same time. We were incredulous and asking each other, “Do you understand? Do you hear what the Lord is saying?”. And we both knew, and the Lord attended what He was speaking to us in those moments with His presence in an undeniable way, which assured us that we were hearing correctly.

I cannot tell you that we never doubted the due date, or what we had heard that day. We only knew that the Lord was restoring a child for the little boy, “Joshua” that we had lost.

In fact, we had a projected due date of February 15 from the doctor, but Rebekah Elizabeth Hare was born exactly one year from the day of the miscarriage, February 17th , 1986. It is now almost 26 years later, and our Rebekah is a lovely young woman, both physically and in spirit.

Our son, Joshua Daniel Hare was born two years after Rebekah, on March 10, 1988.

Unfortunately, we misplaced the calendar long ago, and the verse of scripture that Mary read that day that had become so close to me in the telling of this story, has become a great puzzle to me. I have never been able to find in the bible!! I hope some day to discover either the calendar or version of the bible the verse was printed in, because I can’t even find anything close. My wife and I can only gather that the Lord wanted us to see what we saw and to hear what we heard so we would experience the miracle who is now our beautiful daughter!

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  1. Our daughter, Rebekah, (now 26) has grown into a beautiful young women who loves the Lord with all her heart. She is an amazing artist and painter, and glorifies the Lord in all that she puts her hands to. My wife and I are greatly honored and blessed to have been given such gifts to steward for a time.

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