Painted in Words

Painted in Words”, contrasted with prose;

vibrant with color, the phrases he chose

sought with care to pen what might rhyme

but not always…,

and then to resume –

only part of the time

vivid images the poet there brought into sight

imagination now as by wings given flight

the soul by his words, released now to climb

to celestial scenes far too sublime

for mortals by natural sight only to view

but that which by every shade and hew,

on the canvas is there seen…

his vocabulary the sufficient pallet from which he drew

Brought to the fore by a touch of his pen,

emotions that slept – now awakened again!

As on the page, the masterpiece

the artisan reveals;

unfolding mysteries that by a lesser pen

would there remain concealed…

Yet as mind and hand engage the work,

to the “Painter” becomes clear –

his Maker, “The Master Painter”

to inspire has drawn near.

Authored by: Stephen D Hare

Copyright©2002 All rights reserved

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