For My Guests…

Good morning Guests!

In case you’ve noticed the new look, and were wondering why the change..? Just want you to know that “wordimagery” is in a flux state…sort of… at least for a while. While I’m in the process of building my new Hareswares website, I will continue to post to wordpress.

Though I did initially like the orange font on black, I decided to change the theme to earth-tone colors more consistent with theme of our new website. Also, I believe the new theme is a bit easier on the eyes, and I’m not still seeing the words in front of me 5 minutes after I leave the computer:).

We will (Lord willing…) launch our website sometime this month, and I’m trying to figure out how to move wordimagery to my website so it’s not an external link, and also I would prefer it to be on my own domain. It makes far more sense and is much less complicated for the purposes of continuity, SEO and visibility, and simple advertising. I feel divided…:)

All that to say, please be patient with the few changes coming down the line, and please consider visting our new “one-hop-shop” at It’s still under construction, but we (Mary, my wife and I) have opened the data storage service page, and will likely be making our (awesome) Amazon Connection available within the site before our Grand Opening. Still debating that one…

I will be making my regular post shortly, which may be another of my original poems or possibly an associated devotional or commentary.

Have a very blessed day!

Grace and peace for the journey,

Stephen Hare

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