In The Light of Eternity

Creased with age, weathered and beaten,

many years have the locust and cankerworm eaten

beholding the stranger… all-too familiar in the glass

Looking past the folds of skin, searching for the man within…

Gazing back into his face, the man who once sought to erase

from his mind the light that once abode

Once accepted grace extended; long ago this knee had bended;

Could a man be so offended as to choose so bleak a road?

From the time the light descended, early on his life had mended;

blessing all he met, his lips with words of grace…

But cares of life and pursuit of pleasure, in their midst forgot to measure,

time that would from him too soon fade…

Not then offense, but the cost; of priorities – misplaced, then lost

Had he really gained what he had sought?

Has harvest passed, is it too late…the light of God to penetrate

one soul who for too long forgot to seek?

Long-suffering kindness of the Lord -to send His Word…now as a sword

The Son of God through his conscience again to speak

Severing strong cords of sin, restoring purity there again

victory over death to win – the enemy to lose;

The soul for flames of hell intended from his firm grasp, God has rended

in a moment restored to paths of righteousness

First only a flicker, then quickly to flame! From the lamp-stand

now brightly to shine once again!

Yet one last time- brought in from the cold;

no more to wander from the fold

Regret now replace by faith to see

His life in the light of eternity…                               Author: Stephen D Hare  Copyright ©2002 All rights

One Response to “In The Light of Eternity”

  1. No, this story-poem is complete, but glad you like it. Be very blessed!

    grace and peace for your journey,


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