Please Pray For…

While this might represent a departure from what could be considered “traditiional” blogging protocol, I am compelled to share a prayer request with my subscribing partners and whoever else might happen upon this site.

Some friends of ours who have been attending our fellowship I think since around early spring are in the midst of a very horrific and trying circumstance.

I learned late yesterday evening when I checked my email, that Todd and Ruth Neely, who were on their way to Haiti to pick up their little girl, that it was made known to them that she had been severely injured when an (unauthorized) attendant at the orphanage, had attempted to remove some “spots” from little Anne Sarah’s face with what must be described as a caustic chemical of some kind, which resulted in 3rd degree burns on her face, neck and chest.

A US based emergency medical team that “happened” to be in the near vicinity, responded to the scene and were apparently able to stabilize their baby girl. I don’t yet know anything more of her condition, but only that Todd and Ruth were unable to bring her home as planned.

Please pray for them. The entire adoption process has been an uphill battle for them, and Ruth has probably experienced a great deal of anguish due to her close proximity of relationship to the orphanage where she has ministered to a huge number of orphans for many years. She often spends 4-6 months at a time in Haiti, and Todd flies from here in KC, Mo where he works as a contractor to vist Ruth and assist with building projects, etc.

I appologize for being so vague with details – I really don’t know Todd and Ruth well, just talk with them frequently in church and have a few times discussed their mission in Haiti.

It is difficult to understand the “whys” when I hear of such terrible events, but am left only to trust in God’s goodness, His kindness, and His sovereign control – even when I have no context for understanding. Thank you for your prayers. The Lord hears and answers.


PS – I will resume my regular post either a little while from now or tomorrow.

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