The Master Painter

He paints the color of the sky

when morning breaks, when eve draws nigh,

when storms their angry shadows cast –

as dark of night descends

Creates with splendor, skies ablaze…

and with a touch divides the rays;

and sends them to the darkest place,

His light the shadows to erase

Would that I could see the hand

that with a stroke brought forth the land

and at His word, the sea and sky,

forests, rivers, and mountains high

But his fullness veiled, now till my death;

The giver of all life and breath

Yet still… with eyes of faith I see,

The glory of His majesty

And on Him my hope and trust I’ve laid

The One by whom all things were made

Received via: Stephen D Hare

© 2002

(Excerpt from “Living in the Glass” manuscript.)

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