The Garden of My Heart (Devotional)


and do not sow among thorns” Jeremiah 4:2


In the midst of the “dailyness” of living, do you find the “garden of your dreams difficult to maintain? And what is the condition of the soil? When we are young, our imaginations can range far and wide, as yet untainted and unhindered by disappointments or past failure. We know how our life is, but most of us have some concept (at least in a general sense) of how we would like life to be.

Often, how life “is”,  is a reflection of how we are. We know from God’s word that there are specific purposes for which we were created by God, all of which are to impact the lost world around us; and to bring light to those who dwell in the Valley of the Shadow of Death, but it’s easier to become disillusioned than it is to maintain hope for what we cannot see.

When soil is left to itself, it becomes hard, compacted and nutrient deficient, and as such, is rendered unsuitable to sustain healthy plants. Our dreams need to be fertilized with the nutrients of faith and hope. Our hearts are where our dreams grow, and where they can die. As with gardening, it is an “up-hill battle” to keep the soil of our hearts well-watered, tilled and manageable.

The thorns that Jeremiah mentioned, Jesus said are, “the cares of this life, the deceitfulness of riches, and the pursuit of pleasures that choke out the word of God, causing it to become unfruitful.”

The scripture tells us to “Guard your heart with all diligence above all that you keep”, but there are so many “real-time” distractions (the thorns…) that blend with the urgency of the moment, causing us to put our heart’s maintenance on the back-burner. Difficult and painful things, “secret” sins,(is there anything hidden from His sight?), misunderstandings in relationships and the resultant woundedness when not dealt with, all become hard places in our hearts, the “stones” that prevent “the good seed” of the Word of God from finding good soil in which to take root.

How does the garden of your heart compare to the garden of your dreams?

Are there any stones that you’ve neglected?

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