Leather drawn, worn and dry;

cracks beneath the surface lie

Skin stretched tight, weathered and old,

new wine the old skin cannot hold


Lest bursting open the nectar waste,

and never a soul its sweetness taste

Mingled with dirt, its purity soiled

worthless now, having been thus spoiled


Gradual is the conformation

but seamless the bond of flesh and sin;

Here, only death can be the answer,

that new life may then begin


Entrance at the narrow gate

flesh and blood will never gain;

Old for new we must exchange

that His Spirit might remain


Written by: Stephen Hare

Copyright © 12/2005 All Rights


One Response to “Wineskin”

  1. Thanks Joe,

    Appreciate the encouragement! Be very blessed! Have a great evening.
    Grace and peace for the journey’

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