From Fool to Wise


By his silence, the Word does say,

that a man of few words can display

a wisdom the wayward tongue

would by its looseness quench

Does then wisdom by less words increase?


By many words in their procession

is brought forth the silent confession

of an ignorance we are thus ignorant of

Does foolishness by less words then cease?


Think then it not strange –

though a fool would profess change,

he can by words – many or few

so quickly his stature reveal?


Is it not then only of grace,

that the fool can his disgrace

and his foolishness by silence conceal?


It is therefore, … most plain

that a fool can thus remain

if by many words he will his foolishness defend;


But should he choose to change

and would his tongue rearrange,

he, acting as wise

can so turn his ways about.


Consider now then, as the proverb testifies;

As deep waters are the words of the wise”,

and those of understanding –

will by wisdom draw them out…


written by: Stephen D Hare

Copyright ©2002

2 Responses to “From Fool to Wise”

  1. That’s so deep and original, thank you

    • So glad you like it! Prior to this one, I had’nt written a poem for quite a few years. I had written quite a lot of songs, but poetry was far and few between.
      I was fertilizing a large commercial property and considering the implications of a proverb that says, “A Fools voice is known by his many words.”, and as I was reflecting on that the words of this poem came to me. I wrote two poems on that property, and that was the beginning of approx three years of fairly steady inspiration.
      During that season I led poetry discussion groups for teens (primarily) and adults in the Mid-Continent Libraries in the greater Kansas City Region. It was a great time!

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