Too Soon

Sealed within the heart of man,

dreams placed by the Master’s hand

hopes that would The Tempter seek

by guile to steal away


While men seek to find their dreams

evil lurks behind the scenes

The Accuser would by sin ensnare

– how high the price for earthly gain!


Conscience made anew by grace

thus empowered to run the race

visions of kingdom power released

the goal,  no earthly prize


Stewards of this gospel light,

breaking powers of the night

fleshly weapons cannot avail

gainst the “Spoiler of Souls”.


his desire, the church – as wheat to sift

from God’s ways would cause to drift;

alluring and subtle his plots to deceive

great is his wrath, and his time… shorter still


Perceptions keen, Spirit led

hostile lands before us loom;

Our mission clear, but can we see?

Lo,  the Reapers come too soon…



2 Responses to “Too Soon”

  1. Thanks Meiro, very much appreciate the encouragement:)

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