Desert Place

desert place 3

Oh Lord, when will You come?

When will you answer me?

And when You come,

what will You find in my heart?

For this heart has been to me – an enemy…

Oh Lord, unite my heart to fear Your name!

Create in me a clean heart O God

And renew a steadfast spirit within;

for Your glory and Your honor

for Your glory O Lord 

O Lord, how did I come

To this desert place?

How did my eyes not see

The path that brought me here?

How I long now for your word; Your Spirit’s voice to me

Only speak and these dry bones will live again!

Create in me a clean heart O God

And renew a steadfast spirit within

For Your glory and Your honor

For Your glory O Lord

Received 2009 via Steve Hare


16 Responses to “Desert Place”

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  2. Reblogged this on A DEVOTED LIFE.

  3. “And when You come,what will You find in my heart?”

    live as if Jesus is gonna be here any moment now. He’s gonna be here soon, pretty exciting!

    • Amen, PD!! …you don’t sound very prodigal to me:) Thanks for the encouragement and following wordimagery.
      Blessings to you. Really enjoyed your “Cain and Abel” post. truly a blessing what God can do in our families as we invite Him in.

      • Hi Steve, I always ask God to bring people to the blog and the blog to those who need it. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. God bless you too. And yup, I’m prodigal no more:)

  4. Rejoice that our cries to Him will always be answered and our desert turns to eternal Oasis. Thank you. Peace and Joy in Christ- Rick

    • God has His purposes in the desert, and there are times His Spirit leads us there;

      But I have also experienced desert times that are more a result of my humanity mixed with poor choices.

      How much greater is our rejoicing when in His mercy He creates streams in the desert in answer to our cry.

      Thanks Rick! Every blessing…


  5. Thanks David! His grace and peace be with you.


    • Following your blog now. I am truly inspired by your poem, “Deeper into the Son”. Really touched my heart. Thanks for sharing your gift. I’m about to reblog it.

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