Treasure in the Field


Resplendent with the light of God

Are those whose feet tread hallowed sod

To bring good news to those in sin

For whom the Son of God has died

Light not seen by all who gaze,

Nor those who’d wander all their days

But those whose hearts turn toward the Son:

The blind who by faith see

Beauty beyond the depth of skin

Intangible, yet felt within

Mystery of divine origin

Ageless as the gift of grace

Unseen by the natural eye

Nor yet views the passerby

The light in vain men would deny

Once the veil God should remove

As sun reflects upon the deep

So God’s Spirit on those who keep

All His ways from dawn till sleep

Arrests those called to bear

His light to those who in darkness wait

Who long have dwelt outside the gate

Helpless to avert their fate

Blind till with their hearts they see

The Son of Righteousness arise

Removing scales from their eyes

Cords of sin His power unties

Realm of darkness the more decreased

The measure hidden in the meal

In His time God will reveal

His glory in those who bear His seal

His treasure in the field…


5 Responses to “Treasure in the Field”

  1. Beautiful 🙂

  2. He does say to ask (and keep on asking) and you will receive 🙂 I have been thinking a lot about focus the last couple of days. I was also talking to a friend of mine (who happens to be a worship leader) about it. I won’t go on and on but this phrase “Focus Determines Destiny” keeps coming to mind. I must have read it in a blog somewhere :}

    • I like the thought – I will need to focus on it…:) Seriously – I do think it has “ring” of reality about it. 2 Peter 1 I think illustrates the principle well; “Giving all diligence, add to your faith, virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge perseverance, to perseverance, brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness, love. If these things are yours and are increasing, you will be neither barren, nor unfruitful in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, but whoever lacks these things is shortsighted to the point of blindness and has forgotten that he was cleansed of his old sins.” It continues later to say, “if you do these things you will never stumble, and so an entrance will be supplied abundantly into the everlasting kingdom…”.
      A powerful promise directly related to our destiny in the eternal kingdom based upon diligence which we supply – by His power of course.

  3. 🙂 I started looking up passages regarding this and found several but then forgot why I was looking for them LOL! Blessings to you!

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