This poem truly blessed me, and I know it will be to all my readers as well. May the Lord send this far and wide for His glory in the church!



Silent sway, my mind must stay
Aloft on Your great Fountain
Awakened deep within my soul
I climb, but a wispy mountain

A Word, a Thought
You count them not
As if accumulation completes
What Your spoken Word repeats

A gate wide open
A Holy Human Token
Aloud an “Abba Father”
What credit to me?
None can I see

A redirected periphial skew
A sight given beyond my view
Hold me there! In the sight of You!
Son of every beholding!

Drops of blood, clearly mark
The way to which, this heart must go
Walking, walking – no surface impeding
Water flows, from His eyes, His side, to cushion His feet
Tears clean what fresh water doesn’t dare
Each rung, You hang, and hold me fair

No looking down! A mighty fall
Back to my own perceiving
Afloat on You, and the very air You’re breathing
Circumsized eyes can see…

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2 Responses to “”

  1. Thank you Brother Stephen for the reblog!
    Much love and support to you in His precious Name!

    • My pleasure. I shared with my wife last night and my son and daughter today. I very much appreciate the gift that you are to the body.
      “He has set the members in the body as it has pleased Him.”
      It is wonderful to see the gifts in operation to His glory, and your writing honors and magnifies Him.
      Love and prayers back to you and to your family in His great name!

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