Where America Is Headed

Excellent and accurate view of our once great nation. That we, as a nation need to repent is all too clear. That we, as a church need to repent is clearer still. We are clearly nearing the end of the age as we know it, and the Lord’s return is imminent. The current (this year) upheavals in the earth we see today are surely only the beginning of sorrows, so there is time to get our hearts right with the Lord and to stand for righteousness where we are – whatever it may cost us in terms of comfort or life itself. “Whoever falls upon the Rock will be broken; but whoever the Rock falls upon will be crushed to powder.” Let us therefore choose to fall upon Him and be broken that we can find forgiveness and healing, and cry out for the salvation of the souls of this nation who have placed their hope and expectation in what is futile and empty. Amen.


This article was written on April 18, 2013, the first anniversary of the start of this blog. I hope you have been encouraged by the articles that have appeared on this page in the last year. God willing, they will continue.

A simple principle
There is a simple principle I have been repeating lately: if you are headed in a certain direction, eventually you will get there. If I am driving on I-95 North, eventually I will arrive in Richmond, then Washington D.C., then Baltimore, and so on. If I want to go to Atlanta, it is not going to happen unless I turn around and go the other way. Very simple, right?

For many years I violated this principle with my opinion of the future of America. I could see she was headed in the wrong direction, towards more sinfulness and depravity, and that ultimately, this would bring theā€¦

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