Hidden From View

Glimmer of the light within

Veiled by the lure of sin

Heart, the reflector of the soul;

Forged by trial and faith’s affliction

Driven by the staff of God

Rod by which the lambs are proved

Through the fire and wilderness deep

Leads the Shepherd of the sheep

Hardness by redeeming love,

Annealed by the Master’s plan

By the Spirit’s will and reaping

Affections garnered for the King

Perception of our transformation

Hindered by our earthly frame

Until by grace through faith we see

We appear the same

Nonetheless, the finished work

Through wooden cross; unearthly force

Even through our pain and sorrows

Grace within to stay the course

Entrance through the narrow gate;

The path before, strewn with light

The word that guides through deepest valleys

Illuminates the darkest night

Through the glass darkly, now we see

Only then, face to face

Then shall we know, as we are known

When at last we complete our race

Mystery of the new creation

Glory emerging from the clay

In wisdom hidden from our view

Revealed on the final day

wrought by Stephen Hare
Copyright ©6/26/17

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